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Local & National Removals

For Local & National removals, depending on the distance of your move we can normally load, travel and unload in the same day. If your move is further afield we may need to load all effects (bar the beds and the kettle!) on day 1 then collect these items first thing on day 2 to give us a good start, travel to your new home, unload all effects and return to depot.

Alternatively we may need to load and travel on day 1 and unload and return on day 2. Everyone’s move is individual and our move co-ordinator will work with you to choose the best option for moving.

Whether you are moving home entirely, or just moving furniture to a new place we can cater to you. Our fully insured service can fit your needs.

If you require a packing service we would need access prior to your moving day to prepare all your effects for transportation.

Please note we normally pack only, leaving you to unpack yourself in your own time. If you move locally we can collect your boxes for re-use, or, if you have moved any distance you may give your boxes to a local BAR member.


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